More Jewish Teens, More Meaningful Jewish Experiences

BBYO is on a mission to ignite the Jewish spirit in teens worldwide, offering transformative experiences that go beyond the ordinary. For over 100 years, Jewish teens have experienced more meaningful connections to their heritage and community through BBYO.

At BBYO, inclusivity isn’t just a word — it’s a way of life. We open our arms to Jewish teens from all backgrounds, denominational affiliations, genders, races, sexual orientations, or socioeconomic statuses, including those with a range of intellectual, emotional, and physical abilities.

With a network of hundreds of chapters across North America and in 56 countries around the world, BBYO brings together nearly 70,000 teens annually. It’s not just about the numbers; it’s about the impact. BBYO isn’t just a movement; it’s a lifeline, providing teens with fun, meaningful, affordable experiences that inspire a lasting connection to the Jewish people.

Four Portland Chapters to Choose From

BB360 partners with BBYO to manage Portland BBYO which is composed of Jewish teens in grades 8th-12th from the Portland Metro Area. Part of the greater Evergreen Region (BBYO in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska), Portland BBYO has 4 chapters that meet once a week at their prospective locations. Chapters are based on the area of Portland teens live in, but teens are encouraged to join any chapter they feel most comfortable in.

Chapter events are planned by teens, for teens, and programming ranges from fun activities and traditions to more serious programming around social justice, Judaics, and leadership development.

Meet The Portland Chapters

Bella Abzug
BBG #1393

Eastside chapter, for female and non-binary identifying teens

Chaim Weizmann
AZA #360

Westside chapter, for male and non-binary identifying teens

BBG #313

Westside chapter, for female and non-binary identifying teens

Sol Stern
AZA #65

Eastside chapter, for male and non-binary identifying teens

Teens can try out multiple chapters before deciding which chapter they want to join!

BBYO Portland Chapter FAQs

Yes! There is always an adult present. Each chapter has a volunteer advisor trained by BBYO. An advisor, a parent, or a BB360/BBYO professional, is at all BBYO events. There are some events when an adult might be in close proximity, but not in the room.

Yes. There is a $249 fee that covers “lifetime membership” which covers membership and entry to all meetings and most city-based events. In addition to this, regional conventions and certain chapter events will have a registration fee.

No. It is not required to be a registered member to try out Chapter meetings. After a teen attends three chapter meetings or events, your teen must register for BBYO. Teens must be members to attend Regional Conventions and overnight programs.

You can register them by clicking here!