Elevate Tradition: Join the Legacy of Men’s Camp

August 16-22, 2024

Men’s Camp is an iconic tradition that has set BB Camp apart from other Jewish camps throughout the country for decades! Originating in 1931 with the visionary Ramblers, a Portland Jewish social and philanthropic men’s club, Men’s Camp was born out of the belief that adults should also enjoy the magic of BB Camp. Since then, every August, men gather for a week-long adventure filled with sports, swimming, camaraderie, and celebration.

News Report about Men’s Camp in the 1970s

Men’s Camp Is More Than A Retreat

It’s a vital opportunity to ensure that BB Camp remains accessible to all children. One unforgettable night is dedicated to raising funds for financial aid, facilities upkeep, and campus improvements, reinforcing the motto that drives it all: “It’s all for the kids!”

Learn About the History of Men’s Camp

Men’s Camp 2024 Will Be Held August 16-22

Join us for a week of fun, fellowship, and making a difference at Men’s Camp — a magical experience where the spirit of giving meets the thrill of adventure!

Men’s Camp 2024 will be held August 16-22 and is by invitation only.