Open Positions at BB Camp

Counseling Team

Unit Head: A Unit Head oversees a camp unit (younger, middle, older, or teen). They oversee and accommodate the counselors and specialists in each cabin, as well as the campers in their designated age group. A Unit Head is responsible for the well-being of all the campers and staff in their unit, parent communication as directed by their supervisor, trips, and logistics. Minimum age requirement is 21.

Unit Leader: A Unit Leader assists the Unit Head with specific cabin groups. Unit Leaders are responsible for giving extra support to campers and staff in their unit, as well as programming and facilitating healthy relationships among campers and staff. Minimum age requirement is 19.

Inclusion Counselor: The Inclusion Counselor assists the Inclusion Coordinator to help best support our campers with a variety of needs and disabilities. The Inclusion Counselor is responsible for being a resource on the ground, working directly with individual campers and their respective cabin groups to facilitate our fully inclusive camp model.

Bunk Counselor: A Bunk Counselor along with up to 1 other Bunk Counselors and 2 Specialists live in a cabin with up to 20 Campers. A counselor is primarily responsible for the care and well-being of their cabin of campers; they act as role models, help create cabin activities, and support specialists throughout the cabins assigned daily programs.

Lincoln City Day Camp Counselor: A Day Camp Counselor is primarily responsible for the care and well-being of the campers in our Day Camp program. When Day Camp Counselors are away from Day Camp they are assigned to an overnight cabin and follow the same expectation as a Bunk Counselor.

Outdoor Jewish Adventure Director: The Outdoor Jewish Adventure Director oversees a two-week back packing trip consisting of 11th grade campers and designated OJA Counselors. The OJA Director is responsible for the well-being of the OJA Campers and Staff, guiding the group through the pre-planned back packing trip, teaching the group how to stay safe outdoors, and parent communication as directed by their supervisor.

Outdoor Jewish Adventure Counselor: An Outdoor Jewish Adventure Counselor along with up to 2 other OJA Counselors and the OJA Director, take 11th grade Campers on a two-week long back packing trip. An OJA counselor is primarily responsible for the care and well-being of their campers, no different than a bunk counselor located on site in Lincoln City. They act as role models and support OJA Director in guiding the group through the pre-planned back packing trip.

Programming Team

Programming Director: The programming Director oversees the general scheduling and logistics of the day-to-day organization of camp and all programming. This role is responsible for scheduling staff time off, creating the daily schedule for each cabin, planning/organizing all camp programs, and managing supplies.

Program Coordinator: The Programming Coordinator will assist the Programming Director in the day-to-day logistics of camp. The Program coordinator will take responsibility of overseeing and organizing specific programmatic areas of camp, which will be designated by the Programming Director and Camp Director.

Specialist Areas Team

Arts Director: The Arts Director oversees the arts areas of camp consisting of Arts & Crafts, Ceramics, Dance and Drama. The Arts Director is responsible for the well-being of Campers and specialists in their departments. They will be ensuring their specialty areas is ready and safe for use, and that specialists deliver safe, inclusive, quality and progressive sessions

Adventure Director: The Adventure Director oversees Adventure Specialists who deliver ropes course, zip-line, rock wall, athletics, and archery sessions. The Adventure Director is responsible for the well-being of campers and staff in their specialty areas, ensuring their specialty areas are ready and safe for use, and ensuring that Adventure Specialists deliver safe, inclusive, quality, and progressive sessions in line with their training. The Adventure Director will provide instruction and safety training for a variety of exciting camp programs.

Spirituality Director: The Spirituality Director oversees the Jewish and Spiritual areas of camp consisting of Jewish Education, Teva (Nature), Garden and Israeli Culture. The Spirituality Director is responsible for the well-being of Campers and Staff in their specialty areas, ensuring their specialty areas are ready and safe for use, and ensuring that Spiritual Specialists deliver safe, inclusive quality and progressive sessions in line with our Jewish identity.

Aquatics Lead: An Aquatics Lead assists the Aquatics Director in overseeing the different areas of Aquatics. An Aquatics Lead is responsible for giving extra support to Aquatics Specialists, acting as role models, and ensuring both the pool and lake are ready and safe for use. Aquatics Leads will supervise specialists to make sure all duties are being carried out in a safe way that is in line with their training.

Area Specialists: Area Specialists are responsible for using their background and expertise within a specialty area to deliver safe, inclusive, quality, and progressive sessions for all ages. When Area Specialists are away from their Specialty Areas, Specialists are assigned to a cabin and follow the same expectations as a Bunk Counselor.

Specialty areas include:

  • Adventure Specialist: Plans and facilitates ropes course, zip line, athletics, and archery sessions.
  • Arts & Crafts Specialist: Plans and facilitates arts & crafts sessions.
  • Ceramics Specialist: Plans and facilitates ceramics sessions.
  • Dance Specialist: Plans and facilitates Dance sessions.
  • Drama Specialist: Plans and facilitates drama sessions.
  • Garden Specialist: Plans and facilitates garden-based sessions.
  • Music Specialist- Plans and facilitates music activities and leads the Camp in music daily.
  • Teva (Nature): Plans and facilitates outdoor nature-based sessions.
  • Aquatics Specialists: Delivers Aquatics sessions at the pool and lake such as swim lessons, canoe and inner tubing; as well as lifeguarding at the pool/lake.
  • BB Surfs Specialists: Delivers surf, wakeboard, and SUP sessions; as well as lifeguarding at the beach/lake.

Administrative Team

Administrative and Health: Administrative and Healthcare responsible for the day to day operations of their area to ensure smooth operation and safety.

  • Office Manager: Answers all camp calls through the summer season, sorts and handles all mail/packages and carries out other general office administrative tasks.
  • General Assistant: Runs the camp store ensuring it runs smoothly, drives campers and staff when required, and generally helps around camp as needed.
  • Health Center Manager: Administers medication, basic First Aid and keeps record of when people come into the Health Center. Assists in onboarding new Doctors and supervises Health Center Staff.
  • Health Center Staff: Administers medication, basic First Aid and keeps record of when people come into the Health Center.

Whether you’ve been to BB Camp for years or you’ve never been a camper, our Gesher program provides the unique and fun opportunity to start your journey of becoming a camp staff member after high school!  Formerly known as our SIT Program, Gesher participants will primarily work as Junior Counselors with Overnight Campers in cabins.  As a Gesher cohort, you will participate in professional development, skill-building sessions, and bonding activities!

In our Gesher program, you’ll gain valuable skills, make fun memories, and work alongside your best friends. It is designed to help participants experience Camp as staff members while having a cohort to learn and grow with.

  1. How long is the commitment? We love having counselors work the entire summer and know this isn’t always possible.  We encourage you to work 3 weeks at a minimum.  During your interview, you will be asked about your availability.
  2. What if I am a minor? Because your age group is mostly under 18, you will need a parent/guardian to sign off on your opportunity to work at Camp.
  3. Do I get any time off?   You will get one day off for each week you are at Camp!  You will also have hours off during the day/evening.
  4. Does this cost money? No!  There is no cost for this program.  You will be paid weekly for each week you spend working at Camp.
  5. What other options do I have? Aside from working at Overnight Camp, you are also eligible to apply for/work at one of our BB Day Camps.  You can do either or a combination of both!
  6. What dates are available? Staff Training Week:  June 14-24  |  Camp weeks: June 25-August 13


All staff are required to be certified in First Aid and CPR. Waterfront and Pool staff are required to have American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification. Absence of certification does not preclude you from applying, but we prefer applicants who already possess the necessary certifications. Other positions may require prior certification or specialized training including Archery, Ropes Course, and OJA.

Evaluation of all staff, new and returning, will include but are not limited to: talent, skill, participation, maturity, work ethic, dedication, stamina, and attitude. Staff members must be positive and respectful. It is not how much you know that matters, but how much you care and are willing to learn.

Although it is highly preferred that you attend the full summer it does not necessarily preclude you from being on staff. Those types of instances will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Regardless of the reason, if you have a camp conflict you should strive to attend as much of camp as possible. Please discuss any time conflicts during your interview.

We will make every effort to accommodate such a request if it is brought to our attention when you apply for the position. However, accommodations of such requests made after arrival at camp is much more difficult. Please let us know as early as possible if you will need this kind of accommodation.

Staff will get 7 days off and 4 night off during the summer, additionally each day staff will get two hours off.

Summer salaries are broken into four parts, 20% is received on June 30th, July 15th and July 31st, and then 40% is received on August 15th.

BB Camp is a kosher facility. In addition, we offer a completely vegetarian menu and salad bar. We will do our best to prepare meals that correspond to your needs. If you have needs outside of what can be accommodated daily, you may find it necessary to bring your own supplements to your meals.

In general, visitors are not permitted while camp is in session. On occasion, staff may have visitors at camp with the advance permission of the Camp Director. Such visitors are not permitted to go beyond the administrative area of the Camp until the staff member meets them. Visitors are not allowed to use the facilities of the Camp without permission and are in no way to disrupt the camp program. Visitors may not stay at camp overnight.

The following behaviors at BB Camp are taken very seriously and may result in dismissal:

– Use or sale of illegal drugs, misuse of prescription drugs (including medical marijuana), possession of marijuana, and possession of any alcoholic beverages in camp or during camp-sponsored activities.
– Use of Camp waterfront facilities (pool or lakefront) when designated as closed.
– Physical or verbal abuse of campers or other staff members.
– Stealing or shoplifting from the camp community or in public.
– Male staff in female housing and female staff in male housing at any time.
– Please remember that 21 is the legal age for alcohol consumption.

Most staff live in the cabins with the campers. Support and leadership staff members live with other staff in staff housing around the camp property. Housing is clean and comfortable. Storage is limited. All cabins have bathrooms and electricity.

Laundry facilities are available at camp. There will be a rotating schedule between units, giving you an opportunity to get your laundry in at least once a week. Laundry should be done during hours or days/nights off.

No, a car is not a necessity though many staff find it useful. In most cases, you can usually get a ride with fellow staffers. Parking at camp is limited and spots are on a first come first served basis.